The SALES WEAPONIZATION PROTOCOL is a proven formula to make your sales process a competitive weapon and give you an unfair advantage in every opportunity.

"This training changed everything me. It opened my eyes to a new possibilities for myself AND my clients. I absolutely crushed my targets as a result. Total game changer."

- John D.


The Sales Weaponization Protocol uses a full spectrum training approach that helps you learn through story and narrative.


Take your own journey as you become the guide for your prospects and clients and lead them to new possibilities.


Discover a new world where scarcity is destroyed and you fight your war from a place of truth and integrity.

Your Instructor : Brian Q Davis

Brian has been in B2B sales for over 20 years across industries such as aerospace, software, digital marketing and healthcare. In the last six years, he has personally sold over $60M in software and managed services. 

 He is on a mission to help B2B salesmen learn how to dominate their marketplaces without sacrificing their bodies, their marriages, their children or their souls. He is a Certified Trainer with Wake Up Warrior and a Certified Coach with the Human Potential Institute. He is also the founder of The Sales Warrior Podcast.